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Transportation Insights

Transportation Insights Massachusetts is a monthly newsletter that provides original business articles on the latest industry trends, challenges and successes, both in Massachusetts and across the country. With all-original reporting, these articles can help open the door to new ideas like no other publication. Sign up today! Email

Media Watch

Media Watch Massachusetts delivers the top headlines of the transportation industry, from transportation news in Massachusetts to trends across the nation that shape the industry landscape. This newsletter, issued three times a week, is the best way to help you stay abreast of current events. Sign up today! Email

Scholarships For NEMT 

For transportation companies on tight budgets, it can be hard to find affordable training opportunities for management. That’s why we are offering scholarships for Massachusetts transportation companies.

You can use these scholarships for leadership training, technical aspects of the evolving industry, safety standards, and more. Scholarships may also be used for education toward fleet accreditation in the burgeoning $3 billion industry of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Find the self-assessment guide here to see if this is a fit for your company.

If you have additional ideas for how you would use scholarship funds for your fleet, tell us more! Email us at  

Scholarships for fleets are first come, first served, and will be disbursed on a rolling basis until expended.

Scholarships for Drivers

Taxi and livery drivers licensed to provide commercial passenger transportation in Massachusetts are eligible to receive an educational scholarship.

Individual drivers may apply for the scholarship. Also, taxi and livery companies may apply for the scholarships for the drivers affiliated with their company. The scholarships will pay up to $150 (retail price) per driver for educational/training programs.

Some of our pre-approved programs include: helping drivers enter the NEMT industry which provides vital, life-saving trips for passengers in need of scheduled medical treatments, including for chemotherapy and dialysis. We will offer scholarships to Massachusetts drivers to become certified NEMT drivers through the Non Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC). Learn more about the Certified Transport Specialist and the Conflict Resolution Course. We have also pre-approved the Defensive Driving courses offered by the National Safety Council (NSC).

All requested educational training programs will be reviewed before being approved. It is anticipated that most of the educational training will be accomplished online, as travel expenses are not an eligible expense for this scholarship.


We’ve launched a webinar series to bring you the latest information on how to diversify your fleet, reaching new passengers, increasing customer satisfaction and more. 

Check out our schedule of upcoming webinars and sign up here. Did you miss a webinar? Just click on any of the videos to watch some of our previously recorded webinars.

TikTok and Other New Platforms
January 20, 2022

“I really enjoy the webinars provided by the Transportation Alliance. The information is clearly presented and can be applied to a variety of business scenarios.” — Linda Garofalo, Massachusetts taxi operator


Good communications is key to any company. That’s why we’re creating handbooks for all fleet operators on Public Relations, Social Media and Crisis Communications, Passenger Safety, Driver Recruiting, and other topics.

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Ride Local materials for fleets

Want to join the Ride Local movement? Let us customize a Ride Local Massachusetts graphic just for your fleet or your community.

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